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Study, educate, preserve, promote and practice The Indian hereditary scientifically as pure educational subject.

നിങ്ങൾക്ക് പേജുകൾ മലയാളത്തിൽ വായിക്കാം.

Impartial vision towards Indian hereditary.

'Samadarsi research foundation' priorly aims is to ensure realistic knowledge about 5000+ years of Indian legacy with accurate informations, scientific proofs and accessibility from anywhere, for anyone, at anytime as an pure academic subject without discriminations towards any religion, culture or any such things. We are not here to make notes about, but to unifying the legacy resources in simple understandable language through collective efforts, that anybody in the world understands. We make this effort to preserve our legacy for the generations with correct and accurate information. We believe, with an unified move to understand and practice our culture may strengthen our mind, health, culture and our family. To more about foundation visions, please go through the following.

Support for this great movement : We need support from people like you who thinks study, preserve, educate, promote and practice our culture is much important for good social existence. You may support as follows:

  • Content Writer : If you are a person who have instinct for study, research or content writing, you may support by providing contents on any subjects under Indian legacy. Before you start, please refer our research schema.

  • Translator : Since our mission is to present contents for all on their mother tongues, we need support from people who know different languages and has ability to translate our contents.

  • Verifier : We know complexity of the subject dealing with, so anyone with expert knowledge in any of the subjects under Indian legacy may support us by verifying the contents that we publish.

  • Management : We need support from people who may undertake the management or governance of the foundation for fulfilling our mission and agenda.

  • Donations : Financial supports are the major part of any project, you may support us financially for fulfilling our mission and agendas by providing donations.

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