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നിങ്ങൾക്ക് പേജുകൾ മലയാളത്തിൽ വായിക്കാം.

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A simple mission : Study, understand, educate, preserve, promote and practice The Indian hereditary scientifically without discriminating towards any religion, caste, color, creed, region or any other such things, believing as assets of all the persons of this hereditary. Make our cultural values accessible to any person, institutions or universities as pure educational subject. Practice cultural values on our daily life and pass these super abundant knowledge to generations. Utilize richness of our hereditary for the welfare of all the people in the world. Eluminate cultural violence without proper knowledge and with enriched cultural values create magnificent generations, who are capable to change the world.

Just a simple question to all Indians : As we all know, our Indian culture is meant to be the second oldest culture in the world with 5000+ years of legacy. We the Indians sometime feel proud by saying, we have abundant knowledge about the nature, science, philosophy and more on our ancient scripts like vedas, upanishads, shastras and others. We are most populous for democracy and second largest on population. But still, how much our generations really know about our abundant knowledge or cultural values? How much had we used before the world or at least in our own life? How many of us know the importance of our shastras, upanishads, vedas or others written by ancient rishis or at least read even once in our life. How many of us understood or practiced any of these in correct manner. If we think these are precious, what steps had we taken to preserve them. Most importantly, how many of us are willing to pass these abundant knowledges to our generations or at least to our own kids.

What we meant by legacy? : By the term our legacy we collectively mean The Indian hereditary, beliefs, history, science, medicine, technology, arts, sports, culture, monuments, designs, architecture, symbol, signs, rituals, festivals, scripts, spirituality, yoga and other subjects of Indian culture both ancient and modern, without discriminations toward any religion, caste, color, creed, region or any other things, believing assets of all the persons in this hereditary.

Why understand our culture? : “Before understand your neighbour, Understand your parents”. We not believe, understanding or study other cultures as bad thing, but before that we have to understand our own. If someone understand own, definitely understand other. ”One who love his mother can always love his wife”. Understanding and practicing our own culture make healthy generations who know, who they are. We believe, practicing own culture with correct knowledge on daily life and pass them to generations may be the best thing we do for our society.

Problems for understanding legacy : The most important problem we face on understanding our legacy are depth, vastness and complexity of the subject itself. Each and everything are much inter-related and presented in much compressed and complexed way. To understand something, we need to understand the whole context. Most of us don't understand sanskrit, especially vedic-sanskrit and even can't provide courses, because vedic sanskrit itself is a related subject (Meanings may different for same word time to time and much related on lugustic). We have different languages in every states or region, so the meaning for each word may differ from place to place. Even though the subjects are timeless, they are scripted in too ancient way, so new generations can't understand the time anatomy. There are no scale of understanding because of cultural mix happened by time. Something said on some culture may differ in other. Not all, but some person's or institution's business mentalities made the subjects too far from reach. Even though we are much enthusiastic on our cultural subjects, lack of time to invest and unavailability of publications in fast, reliable and readable formats remains as other reasons.

Override problems : Basically all we need is a simplified form of our culture in an understandable format without losing its depth and vastness. The subject should be in such a way that our 12 year old child may start exploring. Everything should be unified by interrelating. Avoid pre-entered errors happened in time using scientific and logical reasoning. By avoiding recreated texts and taking the base context, we may reduce the complexities, unwanted decorations towards culture, religion, caste, creed or any such things. This will make things free to access to any person, institutions or universities as pure educational subject. Correct translation on different language help everyone to understand the subjects without loose the feel of their own mother tongue. Since we are dealing with vast subjects, collective effort from people who love them will end up with the best result step-by-step.

Unified Textbook of Indian Hereditary : Just imagine, If we have a textbook in our own mother tongue that has everything about our hereditary. A book that unify all subjects, written in simple language, interrelated scientifically, composed logically and written in standard understandable formats. The compositions are in such a way that both a 12 year old kid and a modern scientist understands. Accessible for anyone, anywhere, anytime as pure educational subject and act as a scale for understanding. Sincerely, we think this will be the best thing we can do for our generations.

Utilizing Technologies : Using the power of advanced modern technologies like softwares, algorithms, crawlers, data miners, AIs and others we may search, understand, study, combine, recheck, correct, unify, restructure or do anything to make our subjects accurate and logical. The magic of modern telecommunications let anyone to become part from anywhere globally. By utilizing technologies like web apps, mobile apps and others we may preserve our works for generations and also make accessible to anyone, anytime.

Practicing our culture : We believe, The best way to preserve any culture is always to practice on daily life. Create elegant generations by passing rich cultural values. By empowering all our super abundant knowledge from hereditary, we and our generations end up with magnificent society, "An unbeatable society with healthy culture, body and minds". In real world, we may use knowledges from our sastras, ayurveda, yoga and all such things to recreate prosperous generation. All we should do is to get started.

Benefits we believe : Simple, The best thing we get is an insight of reality. Our generation's no need to go anywhere or need anyone to teach them their own culture. Anyone born in this lagacy may say proudly “I am an Indian” with full understanding who they are. Nobody can fool us by injecting misbeliefs or misconceptions for their sakes. Eluminate cultural violence without proper knowledge. With enriched cultural values combined with modern science and technologies, we end up with a magnificent generation, who are capable to change the world.

If you are impressed with our mission and think this as a necessary work we have to completed collectively, Then we have agendas to fulfill our mission. please read about our agendas.

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