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നിങ്ങൾക്ക് പേജുകൾ മലയാളത്തിൽ വായിക്കാം.

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Note : Before reading about our agenda, if you are not aware about our mission, please read about our mission.

For the fulfillment of our mission and to serve our society, These are some of the agendas taken by 'Samadarsi Research Foundation'. If you have any suggestions, don't hesitate to share with us.

  1. Research : Understand Indian legacy, hereditary, beliefs, history, science, medicine, technology, arts, culture, monuments, designs, architecture, symbols, signs, rituals, festivals, scripts, spirituality, yoga and other subjects through research. If you are interested to know more about our research, please read our research schema.

  2. Unification : Breakout complexities with collective understanding, standard language presentation, scientific and logical reasoning. Make things free to access to any person, institutions or universities as pure educational subject.

  3. Translate : Translate subjects to all Indian languages and other international language, so anyone may understand things without losing the feel of their mother tongue.

  4. Preserve : Preserve informations using most modern technologies and make renovations time to time, so the future generations may also make use off.

  5. Promote : Utilizing technologies like web-apps, mobile-app etc. anyone may access contents anytime from anywhere. Conduct classes, coaching, debates, institutions to educate people about Indian cultural values.

  6. Utilize : Study, use, promote and practice knowledges from our legacy like medicines, technologies, ayurveda, yoga, shastras etc. Make them available for common people on their daily life.

  7. Samadarsi Samhita : A unified Textbook of Indian hereditary included all subjects of our culture that available on different languages. This helps our generations to understand our culture from a single point without complexities.

  1. Subjective articles : Support and publish subjective articles through our applications from persons or institutions whose aims are concurrent with foundation missions.

  2. Classes, debates, coaching : Conduct or coordinate classes, debates, coachings on subjects of Indian legacy or on science & technology online or on other means. (For Trust Member Onlys)

  3. Camps, seminars : Conduct or coordinate camps or seminars on various subjects of Indian legacy or subjects in science & technology. (For Trust Member Onlys)

  4. Upliftment programs : Conduct or coordinate programs like personality development, yoga, counseling or other such programs for the upliftment of society.

  5. Community programs : Conduct or coordinate programs like job fair or other such community programs for the welfare of society.

  6. Library : A collection of books or resources on subjects of Indian legacy both in digital and other format that may shared or accessible to people who are interested. (For Trust Member Onlys)

  7. Travel & Tour programs : Conduct or coordinate Travels and tour programs to historical or cultural locations. This may conducted as part of research or to introduce or educate people about Indian legacy.

  8. Competitive Exams : Conduct or coordinate healthy competitions or exams among the interested peoples with prior interest as to promote or educate the subjects of Indian legacy.

  9. Educational / Training centers : Educational institutions / training centers on art, science, literature, technology, medicine, yoga, history or on other subjects of Indian legacy.

  10. Social industries : Industries for manufacturing or promoting natural product that are lower priced than normal market, especially using technologies from Indian legacy such as ayurvedic, khadi, agarbathies, soaps and others. (For Trust Member Onlys)

  11. Agriculture / Farm : Facilitate agricultural products or farm products such as rice, wheat, vegetable, milk products or others purely uncontaminated and available lower priced than the normal market. (For Trust Member Onlys)

  12. Social service centers : Facilitate social centers like counseling centers, job consultancies, hospitals, marriage bureaus, old-age homes, orphanage, rehabilitation centers.

  13. Funding : Grant funds for research, education, small scale industries, victims of natural calamities, rehabilitation by self or by conducting fund campaigns or from grands accrued from government, semi government, person, institution or any as loan or on any other manner.

  14. Scholarship : Facilitate financial support to students who are eligibility and lack finance for their educational and concurrent purposes.

  15. Support center : Dedicated support center for people to get support on various subjects under Indian legacy. (For Trust Member Onlys)

  16. Others : The Trust may engage on any institutions or services legally permitted by Law/Constitution of India and supported by Trust Members.

Become part-of : If you are interested in our mission and agendas, surely you may also become a part of this social reformations as an authorized Trust Member.

You may contact us on :

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